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Flat roofs are typically referred to as low sloped roofing systems if they have more than a slight slope to it. Many flat roofs have a slight slope or tapered effect to help keep water from ponding on the roof which can lead to leaks. Flat roofs are more ideal for the business of showrooms, warehouses, etc., which is why these roofs are typically used on commercial buildings. It is also quite common for residential properties to have a flat or low slope roof over small areas of the home where the roof calls for it or for large rooftop decks.

The most common types of flat roof systems we work with are:

In order to know the ins and outs of proper repairs, installation and replacement of flat roofs, you need specialized training. At Overhead Roofing, we have been working with flat roofs for years and our crews are experts as every step of the flat roofing process. With certified crews, you can be sure our services are top notch and will stand the test of time. We are happy to help with any flat roofing work you need done, so don’t hesitate to reach out for a free roofing inspection and estimate.

Commercial Roofing Company Finishing Up A New Roof Install On An Industrial Warehouse Near Pikes Peak
Commercial Roofing Contractors Replacing A Flat Roof In Colorado Springs Co

24/7 Flat Roof Repair - Emergency Service Available

Is your flat roof leaking and the other guys don’t know how to fix it or where the problem is in the first place? Don’t worry, we have years of experience finding, diagnosing and repairing all kinds of roof leaks and dealing with hail & storm damage roof insurance claims. Flat roofs have some common issues like water ponding, seams that are no longer water tight, punctures from trees or hail, worn out roofing materials or even random leaks from improper installation or not following a regular flat roof maintenance schedule. Our experience allows us to find the source of the problem quickly so that we can get your property out of harms way as fast as possible and keep new leaks from showing up. 

No matter what time or day it is, we are committed to helping our customers get their flat roofs repaired in a timely manner to avoid further damages to your property. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency flat roof repair services. We will show up right away and stop the leaks permanently if possible, or perform a temporary leak fix and come back out and replace the roof if needed. Our prices are affordable, our staff is friendly and our service is second to none, so give us a call today for exceptional service.

Flawless Flat Roof Installation

Are you in the process of erecting a new home or commercial property with a flat roof? If so, we would be happy to install your new roof for you. We perform every last details of our flat roof installs with extreme attention to detail and all of our work is up to or beyond manufacturer standards as well as local building code. Installing a flat roof system is not a job for your average roofer, you need experience to know how to get the job done right and experience is one thing we have plenty of. 

Curious about what manufacturer is best for your flat roofing materials? Well, we only use the best materials available to ensure our clients have a lasting solution that will keep them safe for many years. If you have certain brands in mind or want to discuss what your options are such as TPO vs EPDM, feel free to call and speak with one of our flat roof experts and we will guide you through it all. We are happy to help!

Prestine Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roof replacement is a job that requires experts who take care in their work because there are many things that can go wrong or be done incorrectly and jeopardize the whole project so it is extremely important you work with a professional flat roofer such as ourselves. From start to finish, our replacement projects are meticulously managed so that our quality of work is always top tier. Here is our process for flat roof replacements:

Tear Off & Clean Up – Flat Roofs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all require some type of tearing off before installation begins. This includes removing any existing roofing materials as well as debris such as nails, screws, etc. Once the entire area is prepared, the crew will start prepping the surface to make sure there aren’t any obstructions that could affect the fastening of the roofing materials to the decking.

Insulation – Now we place insulation boards on top of the roof that will help to regulate the temperature of the air inside the building. The insulation helps reduce your energy bills by keeping cold air out in the winter and hot air out during the summer so it is a vital aspect of the process. We offer multiple types of insulation to suit any needs. The insulation boards are then secured to the decking using metal fasteners.

Install Roofing – Lastly we lay down the TPO, EPDM, PVC or Modified Bitumen sheets on top of the insulation and adhere the sheets to the insulation. We then hot air weld the seams of each sheet together for water and air tight seals. After that the rest of the edges and details are finished up for a flawless new roof that will last for decades.

Contact Your Local Flat Roofing Specialists

If you’re looking for an expert team of professionals to work on you flat roof, look no further than Overhead Roofing. Our company has been handling flat roofing projects for years and can proudly say that we provide top notch services with the highest quality standards. With us at the helm, you’ll never worry about getting substandard results from your roofing contractor again so give us a call today for a free flat roof inspection and estimate.

Serving Denver, Colorado Springs And Pueblo

We provide exceptional residential & commercial flat roofing services all over Colorado, including but not limited to Denver, Colorado Springs and nearby areas.