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We Offer The Highest Quality Residential & Commercial Roof Replacement Services. Solid Warranties & Our Leak Free Guarantee.


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Get Your Roof Replaced By Our Specialists

Residential, Commercial, & Federal roof replacement is our specialty. Our crews are trained to carefully remove the old roofing system all the way down to the decking and then lay down a flawless new roofing system of your choice on your property.

We put new roofing systems on to manufacturer specification as well as building code standards, enabling you to get the best warranty possible while also offering a no leak guarantee on our work. As lifelong roofing contractors, your property’s quality roof replacement is a guarantee.

Every roof replacement comes with its own unique set of challenges to perform a quality roofing project. From working around AC units and HVAC components to getting perfect seals across the entire roof, our roofing contractors specialize in every aspect of roof replacement. We also work with flat roofing systems so feel free to reach out if you are in need of flat roof repair, install or replacement services.

Don’t bother with endless roof repairs over and over, get your roof replaced the right way by our certified professionals. Give us a call today for exceptional service and a worry-free guarantee. We stand by our work with warranties and pride ourselves in the level of quality we provide for our clients. We look forward to working with you on your next roof replacement project.

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Roof Replacement On A Colorado Springs Home

Residential & Commercial Services

From small residential roofs to massive warehouses and commercial buildings, we have replaced every type and size of roof you can imagine. No matter what size the project is, you can be sure our work is of the highest quality, every step of the way and will come with an extensive labor and material warranty for your peace of mind. 


We stand by our work because we know that we have some of the best roofing crews in the business and our work can compete or outperform anyone else you are thinking of hiring.


We have residential roofing crews that can get your roof replaced flawlessly in a day and commercial roofing crews that can tackle any size project to perfection. Our team can replace flat roofs as well as steep sloped roofs, so all of your roof replacement needs are covered no matter what kind of project it is.

Our Roof Replacement Process

There are many separate tasks that go into the roof replacement process. Every roof is different and some require more work than others. They all have multiple tasks in common though that need to be performed on almost every roof we replace. Let’s take a look at the overall process.

Tear Off

The first step in replacing a roof is tearing off the old roofing materials so that we can get to the decking and start the installation process. If your decking is old and rotted or has mold, wet spots or soft spots, we replace the decking with brand new plywood so you can be sure that you won’t have issues with the new roofing system that gets installed over it.


Our crews will have a roll off container close to the edge of the roof so that all old roofing materials can be easily thrown into the dumpster, without making a mess. We also lay down tarps to ensure your property stays clean from nails, pieces of roofing and debris.


Once the old roofing has been torn off, we remove any roof underlayment that also needs replaced. When that is finished, we clear the roof decking of any loose debris that could keep the new layer of roof underlayment or ice and water shield from sticking properly.

Replace Any Bad Roof Decking

A crucial step of roof replacement is removal of old, rotted, wet, damaged or soft roof decking panels. These are typically made of plywood and when water gets onto them, it can cause all kinds of issues in the future so it is imperative to get the bad decking out and new decking in. 


To save time and money for your project, we discuss with the client if they want to completely replace all of the roof decking or just the damaged areas. This helps you keep money in your pocket when your roof decking is still in good shape.

Lay Down Roof Underlayment Or Ice And Water Shields

Next is laying down a roof underlayment and ice and water shields. Roof Underlayment is a felt like material that helps keep your decking from getting wet if there are any shingles that come loose during a storm. When the roof is completely covered in underlayment, your roof will have a much stronger protection from the elements if a major storm comes through and rips off some of your roofing materials.


Ice and water shield is typically use in the eaves and valleys of the roof and around edges to ensure no water gets into these areas as they are more susceptible to water seeping in due to the overlapping of shingles and steep angles that valleys have. In some cases, we will put ice and water shield over the entire roof as a water tight enclosure for maximum protection. 


Ice and water shield is an asphalt like sheet that has a heavy duty adhesive on the back and when warmed by the sun, will seep into any nail holes and provide a leak proof seal across any areas that it covers.

Install Your New Roofing & Accessories

Now that the roof is ready for the new roofing materials, it is time to get to work installing the flashing around the edges. Flashing will provide an extra layer of protection that diverts any water away from your siding so that any water gets pushed onto your shingles and doesn’t cause damage.


Next we start installing the new roofing materials. Whether you chose shingles, metal, tile, slate or anything else, our crews are certified in all types of roofing installations. We install your roof up to manufacturer and local building code standards so that you get the absolute best possible performance and warranty with your freshly replaced roof.


While the shingles are being installed, we go through and replace or fix any roof ventilation, pipe boots and other extrusions that need it. The shingles will be meticulously cut around each extrusion so that they are air and water tight. Exposed nail holes will be sealed as well.

Clean Up & Inspections

Once everything has been finished up and quality checked, we start our cleanup process. We remove nails that didn’t make it into the dumpster and clean up any leftover debris from the tear off or trash from the new shingle bundles, leaving your property squeaky clean and looking great!


After cleanup, we present our work to the client for approval, go over warranty information so you understand how to not void your roof warranty and set up appointments for the local building inspectors to come out and approve that the work was done up to code or better.

How Much Does It All Cost?

Replacing a roof can vary drastically in cost based on many different factors. The size of the roof is one of the biggest factors as the bigger the roof, the more material and labor hours it requires to complete the job.


Some of the other factors that make a difference are types of materials used, location of the property, roof accessibility, safety issues, accessories and warranty desired. All of these things make an impact on pricing so we can’t give you a ballpark figure without knowing the details first. For a more in depth idea of how much it costs to replace your roof, check out this article.

Call Us For Exceptional Roof Replacement Service

Replacing your roof is not an everyday task and it is an expensive thing to do, so make sure you hire the best roofing contractor in your area or you could end up paying to replace your roof twice.


We specialize in every aspect of roof replacement from start to finish. Small projects to massive warehouses, we have you covered and always provide an industry leading warranty so you can be sure you are getting the best possible craftsmanship and the best protection for your investment.


We take pride in our work and when your roof is done, we are sure you will love the attention to detail and meticulous service your receive. Call us today for a free quote on your roof replacement project. We are happy to help!

Serving Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo

We provide exceptional residential & commercial roof replacement services all over Colorado, including but not limited to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and nearby areas.