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Fast Roof Leak Repair Anytime You Need Us

If your residential or commercial property has a roof leak, it can be very destructive to your property as well as all of your belongings. Don’t wait to have the roof repaired or it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Our crews are certified in leak detection and are highly experienced at repairing all kinds of roofs with any type of damage you can imagine, trust me when I tell you we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s hail damage, tears in your roofing, a hole from aged roofing or even cracked from improper roof installation, our roof repair experts have you covered.

We live for our community, no matter how big or small your repair is, we offer a 24/7 emergency repair service throughout Colorado. As certified roof repair specialists, our crews are highly trained to repair any kind of roof back to manufacturer standards so you can prolong the life of your roof as long as possible.

With countless years in roofing, we understand how detrimental a bad roof leak can be and we are here to help you get it repaired immediately. We offer no cost quotes on our repairs and perform our work above board and by the book. Call today to get your roof repaired by the best.

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Get Your Damaged Roof Repaired The Right Way

Finding out your roof is damaged is never a fun thing to encounter as a home or commercial property owner. When it does happen, you need to make sure you hire a professional to get the job done right the first time.


Overhead Roofing has the experience your roof needs to find the source of the problem and fix it so that it performs like new. Our teams are highly trained to detect leaks, find roof rot, uncover mold and mildew, find problem areas and discover any nails or holes that may give you problems. 


Once our specialists find the source of your roofing issues, we get right to work on removing any decking, flashing, vents, nails, shingles or other items that are causing the leak. The best way to do this is to replace any damaged areas so the problem doesn’t happen again.


Any areas that need sealing will also be sealed water tight and we will also perform a thorough inspection of the rest of your roof and exterior to ensure no more problems come up in the future. 


What Does Roof Repair Typically Cost?

Every roof repair is different, so there is no way to give you a solid number without knowing the scope of the problem. We do however, have a base fee of $250 for repairs. Anything that requires more than a small fix will increase the costs. If new materials are needed to fix it the right way, this can also increase costs. 


Many repairs can be done for under $1000 and we usually have all of the needed materials on hand for basic repairs. Some roofs have specialty materials that will need to be ordered, so in those cases, we perform a temporary repair that will last until we can acquire the needed roofing materials to match what your roof currently has.


Major repairs can become more costly, especially if they consume a large part of your roof or the property has a lot of areas with leaks.

Emergency & Temporary Repairs

Many times you won’t know your roof needs repaired until the middle of a major storm when your roof starts to leak uncontrollably. When this happens, you need to act fast and call us immediately. We offer 24 hour service 7days a week to get you fixed up before the leak causes more damage. 


Our crews will head to your location right away and get the roof patched or repaired when possible. Many times though, further repairs are needed or it isn’t worth it to repair it if you need a full roof replacement.


In situations like that, we will perform a temporary fix to get the rain to stop coming in and hold you over until we can come out and replace the roof roof for you.

Residential & Commercial Repair Services

Residential roof repair is one of the most common tasks we perform for our clients. From small patches to major repairs, our crews have done all of it time and time again so that our clients can rest easy knowing their roof won’t leak again.


We are also experts in commercial roof repairs as well as flat roof repairs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for all of your residential & commercial roof repair needs. No matter how large, small or technical the repair may be, we’ve got you covered. With Overhead Roofing, you can be sure you are getting top notch work at affordable prices, every time.

Contact Us For A Free Estimate

No matter whiat time or day, we are here for you for all of your roof repair needs. Don’t wait to call or the damage will likely get worse. We have crews on stand by, ready to perform any repairs at a moments notice.


Call us today for a free roof repair estimate and meet your new favorite roofing specialist!

Serving Denver, Colorado Springs And Pueblo

We provide exceptional residential & commercial roof repair services all over Colorado, including but not limited to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and nearby areas.