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Read Our Guide On Roof Maintenance Tips So You Can Keep Your Roof Alive As Long As Possible.


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Maintain That Roof Regularly

Unless you want to spend more money than necessary on roof repair and roof replacement, regular roof maintenance is vital for any property owner. By keeping the health of your roof tip top at all times, you will avoid the need to repair areas that just needed to be cleaned up every now and then.

Each roof will have it’s own special requirements for maintenance depending on many factors, but overall these tips can be used by any property owner with any type of roof. If you need some assistance with these tasks or see something that looks bad while on your roof, give us a call and we will have one of our professionals come out and perform a thorough inspection of the roof and give you a unique roof maintenance plan that will help your roof get the maximum amount of life.

1. Inspect The Roof Often – We strongly recommend keeping an eye on your roof as you come in and out of the house. Take a look and see if there are any branches, missing shingles, leaves or anything that could cause an issue. You don’t need to climb up there all the time, just take a quick glance when you can. It’s especially important to look at the roof after big storms, crazy winds or large hail. All of these storms can cause issues and you want to make sure to catch them before they become a leak.

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2. Look At All Extrusions – If you notice any of the vents, fans, chimney or anything else sticking out of your roof at a weird angle or covered in dents, it may be a good idea to have those things inspected by a professional. The seals will also age and become brittle over time so make sure to seal those up again if you notice any wear and tear.

3. Get Rid Of Obstructions – It’s never smart to let tree branches, leaves, pine needles, or anything else sit on your roof for an extended period of time. These obstructions can keep water from properly dispersing across the roof and causing leaks. Branches are especially dangerous as if winds pick up, it could cause the branch to puncture a hole in your roof. Excessive amounts of leaves on the roof need to be cleared and make sure to check the gutters to make sure they haven’t been clogged by these leaves.

4. Gutter Time – Clogged gutters are a major culprit for water damage and developing leaks inside the house. When the rain water can’t go down the gutters and away from the property safely, it will overflow and start to go into areas it shouldn’t be. This can mean water getting into the walls and behind windows which will all add to the cost of repairs so make sure to keep your gutters in working order at all times.

5. Moss Is Bad – If you see moss growing or stains on your roof, it is a sign of excessive moisture and should be cleaned off right away. The moss will grow roots very quickly and start to expand across the entire roof. The roots cause gaps that let water in so make sure to clean off any moss growth as soon as possible. Stains on the roof could also be moss or an underlying sign of water damage, so make sure to thoroughly inspect those areas after cleaning.

6. Seal Holes & Cracks – Check all penetrations on the roof for sealants that may be old and cracking. Storms can also damage the seals and pull out the seal in some areas so check for those and fill them with some new sealant. Don’t skimp on this and make sure there are no visible holes or you’ll have to get back up there and do it again soon.

7. The Attic Is A Warning Sign – Many leaks are very small and go unnoticed for a long time which ends up making the repairs much more expensive or lead to having to install a new roof more often, which is what we want to avoid. Regularly looking in your attic at the roof decking, rafters, insulation, penetrations and all corners for dark spots, mold, mildew and rotting boards can be your first sign of a leak. Do this on a regular basis or have a roofer come and inspect it for you once a year just to make sure nothing bad is going on up there.

Roof Maintenance Should Be Done By A Professional

For people that aren’t inspecting roofs every day, this can all seem likely a big undertaking. You also may not know what is damage and what isn’t so feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary roof inspection and we will provide a detailed roof maintenance plan for the future. We work on roofs everyday, so we know exactly what a roof needs to extend it’s lifespan, so let us do that for your roof! We offer regular maintenance plans for residential roofing as well as commercial roofing, no matter how big or small the property may be. Call anytime to schedule a no obligation roof inspection at your home or commercial property. 

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