Roof Insurance Claim Specialists - Hail, Wind & Storm Damage

Hail And Storm Damage Can Be Covered By Your Insurnace Company So Let Our Experts Help You Through The Process To Maximize Your Claim.


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Roofing Insurance Claim Professionals

As a property owner in Colorado, you will undoubtedly have to deal with hail damage at some point. Recognizing the damage is not always easily done by looking at it from the street so it is important to have a thorough roof inspection after your property gets hit by any decent sized hail of .25″ or more.

Our experienced professionals are used to identifying damage to your property from storms and can assist with all phases of making your property whole again.

Many factors go into the insurance claim process that most people don’t know about. When going through the claims process there are multiple parties involved and can take quite some time to iron out every detail between the insurance company, adjusters, suppliers and contractors but don’t worry, we provide open and fast communication throughout the entire process so you can get your roof repaired as soon as possible.

We have the knowledge to effectively deal with all parties involved efficiently, document the damage effectively and increase the chances of getting your roof insurance claim covered by your insurance carrier, saving you thousands.

storm damaged home with tree fallen on the roof in colorado springs
large hail from a storm in colorado springs co calls for a roof insurance claim

In the event that you have hail or storm damage that needs fixed immediately and can’t wait on the insurance companies, we offer a 24/7 emergency roof repair service to stop the water from coming in and minimize further damages until we can finish getting your claim settled with your insurance. 

Hail Damage Claims

If you are a property owner in Colorado, you have likely already dealt with the crazy hail storms that come through here. It can destroy cars, roofs, siding, windows and much more within minutes. These things get very expensive to replace or repair, but luckily you can call us to help you with getting your claim documented the right way so that your insurance company has to pay their fair share.


Documenting the damage is the most important part of dealing with a hail damage roof insurance claim. You’ll need pictures of hail damaged spots or areas of the roof as well as any other areas the hail affected. Weather reports in the area will also help to prove to the insurance company that hail affected that area of town. 


We have dealt with countless hail damage roof insurance claims and know exactly what needs to be done to get your insurance company to pay for your roof replacement. We will work with the insurance company on your behalf, so you can leave it to us and get back to life as normal. Don’t let the storm chasers file a claim and then run off, get a local, reputable roofer like Overhead Roofing to help you with your claim and it will be smooth sailing from there.

Wind Damage Claims

The winds here in Colorado are typically pretty mild, but every now and then we experience major wind storms with 100+ mph gusts. These winds are great at ripping off poorly installed roofing systems, especially roofing shingles without an adequate amount of nails in them. 


Old and weathered roofing systems are much more likely to come apart when wind picks up as well, so if your roof is old and work, you have likely had to deal with these issues after a wind storm. 


We repair and replace roofs all the time that have been affected by strong winds. Sometimes these can be fixed by just replacing the shingles that the storm blew off, but many other times there are multiple exterior protection systems that get damaged as well. 


Our team is trained to identify and properly document all of these damages so we can file a claim with your insurance company that they won’t have a choice but to cover it as long as your policy covers the cause of the damage, so make sure you have good insurance on your roof!

Storm Damage Claims

Major storms aren’t all that common here, but every now and then they come through and show you exactly where your roof was lacking adequate protection. With heavy rainfall and strong winds, many aged roofing systems will start to show their weaknesses with roof leaks, siding damage and more.


Some common issues storms cause is water getting into areas it normally won’t during light rainfall, but heavy rainfall and sideways winds gets that water into some of the most hard to reach areas if they aren’t properly sealed up.

Contact Us For Help

If you have experienced hail, wind or storm damage recently or your roof only leaks during heavy rain, give us a call right away so we can find the root of the problem and get your roof repaired or replaced right away on the insurance company’s dime. 


An expert roofer will know exactly what needs to be shown to get your claim approved, so make sure to reach out to Overhead Roofing for all of your roof insurance claims needs. We are here to help!

Serving Denver, Colorado Springs And Pueblo

We provide exceptional hail and storm damage roof insurance claim help all over Colorado, including but not limited to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and nearby areas.