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What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is now a mainstream and viable roofing option for nearly any building with sloped roofs. Available in a variety of looks and styles, this type of roofing boasts impressive longevity and durability with little maintenance and is an excellent choice for building owners seeking an eco-friendly option for an exceptional value.

Metal roofing offers an assortment of versatile options composed of different materials that can suit any environment or purpose. Common types of metal roofing materials include steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, and tin.

Steel is one of the most common materials on any job site and is often associated with metal roofing. Steel roofing comes in three different types, including galvanized steel, galvalume steel, and weathering steel. These types of steel roofing feature outer layers specifically designed to extend the life of the steel panels and protect the material from the elements.

Copper is a long-lasting material that roofers have used for centuries, but it is incredibly soft with a low melting point. Aluminum is an excellent option for durability against saltwater corrosion in coastal climates, while zinc offers a durable and dependable choice for most regions. 

Metal Tile Roof With Ice Dams Installed On A Colorado Springs Home
Commercial Storage Facilities With Metal Roofs In Colorado Springs Colorado

Most of these materials can adapt to different shapes for a diversity of roofing styles. The popularity of profiles that allow owners to enjoy any look of roofing they want but with the durability of metal is what made metal roofing really take off and become a dominant choice for roofing in Colorado Springs.

How is Metal Roofing Installed?

Metal roofing is a long-term investment if installed correctly, and it is even possible to install metal roofing over an existing roof. (Altho we recommend installing right to the decking) The installation method we use depends on the type of metal roofing.

A standing seam roof consists of single, long panels that run from the eave to the ridge, while new metal roofs such as metal shingles consist of small panels installed in horizontal rows. Standing seam systems are typically mechanically fastened and the seams crimped together. Less common through-fastened systems feature a fastening flange along the length of the panels. Pins are driven through the rim directly on the panel and concealed by the next board.

Modular panels generally come in standard dimensions that fasten with a concealed clip system or nailing flange at the top of the panel. Metal shake systems often include a complete line of flashings that feature an open valley system to avoid obstruction. Metal shingles boast a lower profile design consisting of modularized panels fastened to the roof deck. 

Metal tile systems consist of large sheets that reach from eave to ridge, through-fastened utilizing a batten grid attached to the roof deck, allowing fewer seams and quicker installation.

A clip-fastened system is a better option for long roofs. This system attaches the clip to the roof deck and allows the panels to float, ensuring water tightness and limiting oil canning.

What are the Benefits of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing offers significant benefits to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Metal roofs are low maintenance compared to other roofing types and generally only require tightening of exposed fasteners or new paint during their lifetime. This longevity adds value to the building for future buyers who can depend on the roof’s ultimate durability.

Metal roofs last so long because they handle harsh weather better than any other roofing type, providing extra protection and peace of mind during adverse weather events. Homeowners can even install snow guards to prevent ice from falling off the roof. Unlike other materials, metal isn’t flammable and presents an excellent choice for areas prone to fires.

The heat reflective paint on most metal materials reduces the absorption of sun rays, limiting cooling bills during the summer. Metal roofing is also recyclable and easily compatible with solar panels, making this roofing type the most environmentally friendly type available.

These benefits come in nearly any style and color imaginable. That way, building owners of every taste can enjoy saving money by choosing a roofing material that frequently comes with a 50-year warranty. Some of the styles of metal roofing are as follows:


  • Standing Seam
  • Metal Tile
  • Metal Shingles
  • Corrugated Metal
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Decorative Metal Panels
  • Metal Shake

What Is the Typical Lifespan of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing boasts a longer lifespan than most roofing types due to its durability. Well-installed metal roofing can provide over 50 years of protection with limited maintenance. Some manufacturers even provide a lifetime warranty on their metal roofing products, so if this is an important part to you, make sure to let our estimator know during your roof inspection so you get the longest warranty available.

How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost To Install?

There are many factors that go into the overall cost of having a new Metal roofing system installed, but it can be broken down pretty easily. Below are some of the factors to consider when figuring out pricing of your roof system.


  • What condition is your roof in? Will it need restoration?
  • What is the overall size of your roof?
  • How easy will it be for roofing crews to access your rooftop?
  • What type of insulation do you need?
  • What type of metal roofing do you need?
  • Do you prefer a certain way of installation over another?
  • Are there a lot of corners and angles that will need to be specially cut to fit your roof perfectly?
  • How many and how difficult are the protrusions on your roof(ac units, electrical, vents, etc)
  • What type of warranty are you looking for?

Popular Metal Roofing Brands

There’s no need to wonder which brand of metal roof is best for your property as we have seen it all and realized which brands produce the best products on the market. These brands are tried and true, so you can be sure your roofing system will last the test of time. Some of our favorite brands are as follows:

We're Experts At Metal Roofing Installations

We specialize in metal roofing installations of every different style of metal roofing you can think of. We have trained professionals that can cut any angle and custom form any awkward corners your roof may have. We ensure the correct installation so that you can enjoy the benefit of a long lasting, low maintenance roofing system.

Our craftsmanship, high-quality materials, competitive pricing, and spotless cleanup guarantee the best possible experience for individuals seeking the best metal roofing services available. A correctly installed metal roof will protect your building from the harshest elements for years to come. Call us today for a free estimate!

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We provide exceptional metal roofing services all over Colorado, including but not limited to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and nearby areas.