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What Is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM roofing, otherwise known as “rubber roofing,” stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing. EPDM roofing is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing commonly used on commercial buildings.

Building that have flat and low sloped roofs are perfect contenders for EPDM roofing as the synthetic material is easily applied to these types of roofs and can last a long time in the harsh Colorado weather.

Close Up Shot Of A Flat Epdm Roof In Colorado Springs

EPDM roofing is generally very easy to install compared with other roofing options. The pieces of rubber-like membranes that get laid on the roof’s surface come in a variety of widths and thicknesses to suit your specific needs. The materials used for EPDM roofing are also energy efficient and cost-effective to manufacture meaning it can be a decently cheap option to install.

EPDM roofing is reliable and sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures and weather year-round which is why it has become so popular over the years.

How is EPDM Roofing Installed?

The rubber-type membrane comes prepared in large sheets or rolls. The width of the roll and the thickness is determined before installation and based on the specific needs for your individual roof, as well as budget, performance desired and location of your property.

Once your roof has been cleaned and prepped, a layer of high-quality insulation will be installed on the roofs structural support. This insulation is what can save your business from moisture damage and reduce heating and cooling costs over time, so it is essential to us that it is applied with care. Our team of highly-trained roofing professionals are experts at all parts of the EPDM roofing installation process.

Strong adhesive or mechanical fasteners will be used to secure the rubber onto the insulation and roof structure. The seams between the rows of the EPDM are sealed with a heavy-duty hot air gun to ensure no moisture or air can travel between the layers. This waterproof sealing method is what helps make this type of roofing so durable over time.

A white, reflective membrane is optional for the final coat. This reflective layer can help keep businesses cool in the hot summer months, but the regular black color of the EPDM can help keep your building warmer in the winter. So depending on how much your heating and cooling bills are during different seasons, one may be more beneficial than the other for your property.

What are the Benefits of EPDM Roofing?

EPDM roofs have been around long enough to showcase their durability and reliability over time, no matter what kind of weather they encounter but below we will get into all the specific benfits:

  • Cost-effective: EPDM roofing is generally one of the cheapest options available on the market for commercial flat roofing
  • Durable: Multiple layers of the rubber-type material make the roof extremely fire resistant and protected from the weather. The waterproof sealing technique also ensures your business will not suffer from leaks. 
  • Easily repaired: If hail/storm damage or a leak does occur over time, EPDM materials are typically quick and easy to repair, making them ideal for high traffic roofs. 
  • Energy-efficient: Materials for EPDM roofs require little energy to construct and are almost 100% recyclable. The optional, reflective layer can also save on heating and cooling bills. 
  • Wind resistance: High-quality sealing techniques, adhesives, and mechanical fasteners keep this roof from being ripped up in these high winds that Colorado gets regularly. 
  • Suitable for all environments: EPDM roofing materials work just as well in -20°F weather as they do in 100°F weather. The insulation beneath the EPDM also provides a cushion like surface so that your roof is less susceptible to damage from large hail.

EPDM roofing is a cost-effective choice in many ways that can still pay off in the long run with its reliability and strength. We are confident we can install any EPDM roofing to perfection, ensuring that your property will be safe and protected for years to come.

How Much Does EPDM Roofing Cost To Install?

There are many factors that go into the overall cost of having a new EPDM roofing system installed, but it can be broken down pretty easily. Below are some of the factors to consider when figuring out pricing of your roof system.


  • What condition is your roof in? Will it need restoration?
  • What is the overall size of your roof?
  • How easy will it be for roofing crews to access your rooftop?
  • What type of insulation do you need?
  • What type and thickness of EPDM membrane do you need?
  • Do you prefer a certain way of installation over another?
  • How many and how difficult are the protrusions on your roof(ac units, electrical, vents, etc)
  • What type of warranty are you looking for?

What Are The Best EPDM Roofing Manufacturers?

EPDM has been around for a long time and because of that, there are countless brands that manufacture the popular roofing material. So where does one start when trying to find the best brand for their roof? Well, we can help you decide with our knowledge of which manufacturers make quality products or not. Below are some of our go to choices.

We're Experts At EPDM Roofing Installations

If your residential or commercial flat roof  property needs a new roof, talk with our roofing professionals to see if EPDM is the best choice for your roof. We have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of EPDM roofing and we would be happy to put a flawless new roof on your building for you. We offer free estimates and solid warranties so give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Not sure if EPDM is right for you? Check out our TPO and EPDM roofing comparison to see which options is best for your unique needs.

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We provide exceptional EPDM roofing services all over Colorado, including but not limited to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and nearby areas.